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Xiujun Yu(於秀君)

Assistant Professor


Research interest: Hierachical self-assembly of stable supramolecules

2021 – 至今    深圳大学,化学与环境工程学院,特聘副研究员

2017 – 2020    韩国基础科学研究院,研究员,导师:Kimoon Kim教授 (韩国科学院院士和俄罗斯科学院外籍院士)

2012 – 2016    德国法兰克福大学,博士,导师:Andreas Terfort教授

2009 – 2012    郑州大学,硕士,导师:卢红霞教授

2005 – 2009    郑州大学,学士

2021 – present    College of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, Shenzhen University, Associate Research Fellow

2017 – 2020    Institute for Basic Science, Research Fellow  (Supervisor: Prof. Kimoon Kim)

2012 – 2016    University of Frankfurt, Ph.D. (Supervisor: Prof. Andreas Terfort)

2009 – 2012    Zhengzhou University, M.S. (Supervisor: Prof. Hongxia Lu)

2005 – 2009    Zhengzhou University, B.S.

自组装是指构筑基元(如有机小分子、大分子、生物分子和纳米颗粒等)自发形成有序结构的现象和过程,是创造新物质和产生新功能的重要手段。配位驱动自组装(Coordination-driven self-assembly)和逐级自组装(Hierarchical self-assembly)为配位超分子的基础与应用研究提供了无限可能性,因为它兼具超分子自组装构筑结构的可设计性和可控性,以及金属配合物丰富的光、电、磁等性质。基于配位驱动自组装和逐级自组装,我们的研究方向如下:




Self-assembly is an important avenue to create new substances and new functions via the process in which building blocks (such as small organic molecules, macromolecules, biomolecules, and nanoparticles) spontaneously form ordered structures. Coordination-driven self-assembly and hierarchical self-assembly provide infinite possibilities for the construction and applications of coordination supramolecules, since the structure of supramolecules can be rationally designed and controlled and the metal-organic complexes possess rich optical, electrical and magnetic properties. Based on coordination-driven self-assembly and hierarchical self-assembly, our research mainly focuses:

(1) Precise construction and applications of porous two-dimensional polymers from ultra-stable coordination supramolecules based on coordination-driven self-assembly and hierarchical self-assembly.

(2) Precise construction and applications of three-dimensional supramolecular cages and clusters from ultra-stable coordination supramolecules based on coordination chemistry and dynamic covalent chemistry.

(3) Hierarchical self-assembly and applications of coordination supramolecules.

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1. Yu, X.; Zhuang, J.; Scherr, J.; Abu-Husein, T.; Terfort, A.* Minimization of surface energies and ripening out-compete template-effects in the surface-growth of metal-organic frameworks. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2016, 55, 8348–8352.

2021  深圳市海外高层次人才("孔雀计划")

2020  CSC Research Award,韩国基础科学研究院

2019  Young Coordination Chemist Poster Award, 第七届亚洲配位化学年会

2015  法兰克福大学奖学金

2012  河南省三好学生

2012  河南省优秀应届毕业生

2021  Peacock Talent, Shenzhen Municipal Government

2020  CSC Research Award, Institute for Basic Science (Korea)

2019  Young Coordiantion Chemist Poster Award, ACCC7

2015  The 1st rank of Annual Scholarship, University of Frankfurt

2012  Graduate of Merit/Triple A Student, Henan Province

2012  Excellent Graduate Student, Henan Province

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