We have constantly open positions for associate research fellows, research assistant, postdoctoral researchers, or graduate students. We offer brand-new research facilities, advanced instruments, sufficient research funding, comfortable work environment, and strong academic atmosphere. Highly self-motivated candidates who are interested in our group are always welcome to join our team!


Applicants with the following background or experiences would be preferred: (1) supramolecular self-assembly and its applications; (2) characterization by AFM, TEM or UHV-STM; (3) single-crystal XRD (growing single crystals, data collection and refinement of single crystals); (4) organic synthesis (multi-step synthesis and synthesis of complex molecules); (5) synthesis and assembly of polymers.


Associate Research Fellow 1:

(1) Applicants who specialize in organic chemistry, coordination chemistry, polymer chemistry or supramolecular chemistry would be preferred;

(2) Be responsible for assisting the daily management of the group, lab safety, application of grant proposals, writing papers, and mentoring graduate students.


Associate Research Fellow 2:

(1) Applicants who have experiences with the maintenance of NMR spectrometers, mass spectrometers (ESI & MALDI), and other related instruments are preferred;

(2) Be responsible for the management and maintenance of group-owned instruments, training for new instrument users, sample testing, and development of analytical methodologies.


Research Assistant:

(1) Applicants should major in organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, materials chemistry, polymer chemistry or related disciplines;

(2) Applicants should obtain at least a Bachler’s degree, and those with research experiences are preferred; applicants should also show good communication skills and be willing to collaborate;

(3) Be responsible for ordering research chemicals and lab supplies according to the guidelines in a timely manner while reducing the cost if possible;

(4) Be in charge of the daily management of the group and reimbursement of purchased items;

(5) Help with the schedule and organization of group meetings, seminars, conferences, etc.


Postdoctoral Researchers:

The overall annual income for postdoctoral researchers is expected to be at least ¥400,000 (including ¥180,000 tax-free). Upon completion of the postdoctoral work, those who make significant academic achievement will be assisted to apply for research associates (with overall annual income of ¥390,000–500,000). Moreover, those who achieve exceptional research performance will be eligible to apply for the assistant professors or associate professors.


If interested, please send your CV and representative papers to Professor Xiaopeng Li (xiaopengli@szu.edu.cn).

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